To my dear friends,

You have overwhelmed me with absolute joy regarding your thoughts on the premiere episode of Yoga Sophisticate Academy. Thank you! Yesterday, for the first moment in years, I publicly released an instructional yoga video featuring beginner level vinyasa flow to help my fellow athletes ease into a smart, challenging, beautiful yoga practice.

I find that my most interested demographic is the 45-year to 60-year old male, also known as the extreme athlete who suspects the power of yoga but has never found the perfectly challenging and knowledgeable forum in which to learn it. Maybe I have created this forum? It will make me so happy, if the answer is yes.

I am thrilled to share my practice with the world, to perhaps inspire a more heightened state of health and happiness. Please, tell me what you think! Episode one, the beginner level vinyasa flow is herein presented. Gwendolyn makes a few guest appearances, too. :) Namaste.