Beginning tonight’s exercise on absolute fumes, I intended to accomplish a mere 45 minutes of cycling followed by perhaps 15 minutes of Ashtanga yoga, covering just a portion of the fundamental standing postures of the great, scientific yogic system. 

But then I morphed into SuperGirl. Running on the bike, the muscles in my legs and abs activated like never before, and I flew through two rides, one at 45 minutes, covering 13.59 miles; the second at 30 minutes, covering 8.79 miles. Not too shabby! Oh yes, and the first ride opened with U2’s “Where The Streets Have No Name,” (LOVE THIS SONG FOREVER), later in the ride including Bryan Adam’s “Summer of 69.” (GOD)! All so so so good. And the second ride was East Coast v. West Coast Hip Hop. Of course I’m always game for a Biggie v. 2Pac duel. :)

All of this, followed by 20 minutes of old school TaeBo Abs with my man Billy Blanks PLUS 30 minutes of Ashtanga yoga with Jodi Blumstein on YogaGlo, covering all of the fundamental standing postures plus several arm balances from the Third Series, all taken from headstand equalled a big happy WHEW! Followed by specific showering rituals. Followed by fetching of my dinner which shall not be consumed until 3am (at least). And now I excitedly write this to you, my dear gorgeous readers!

Every few years, I meet SomeDivineOne (human) or SomeDivineCanine (Gwendolyn) who impacts my life tremendously. I have met a new human who does this. An independent spirit like moi, he embodies all that I do. He believes that one who is not living as superhuman is not living life to the fullest, most glorious potential. He is a brilliant man. Kind. Smart. Sensitive. Passionate. Heroic. Sexy. And superhuman. I thusly wish to thank him for inspiring my heartbeat, energy, and massive muscles in my thighs.

It is because of my interaction with this human that I am writing this blog post at 1:21am on a Sunday morning. :)

Feeling as superhuman on this specific night caused me to remember a wonderful interview on my Ashtanga yoga guru, Mr. Lino Miele: Lino Miele Returns to Chicago. Last summer, transitioning into autumn, transitioning into winter, I severely injured myself, working against Mr. Miele’s recorded advice, practicing the Full Primary Full Ashtanga method DAILY, basically turning myself into a physically handicapped individual who refused to lessen her food intake, becoming chubby for the millionth time in her life. The eating was very disordered and toxic in the sense that it wasn’t pretty, lovely, natural, beloved, and kind. It was just super ugly. Food, poisonous again, after 11.5 years of bulimia followed by 5 years of whatever, was my never-ending enemy. And in accordance with war mode, movement became a chore rather than my highly-craved luxury. And, Mr. Miele’s words resonated in my head during all of this negative period. He said, “Ten years ago I ended up in the hospital [with pneumonia]. No more yoga. I didn’t realise my ego was up in the sky. Because the practice makes you feel like superman, superwoman. But releasing the ego we start to understand. First we release the ego, and then we control it.”

He also wrote, “You cannot do full vinyasa every day, because you would quit your job… I used to sleep all day because it was quite strong on the body. I would practice, sleep, eat and read Sherlock Holmes. I went through pain because I had a difficult–stiff–body.”

My reply, to that information, last year? FUCK THAT. I thought I could do it. I thought that I could be the Ashtanga Yoga SuperGirl. But I injured myself.

It is so interesting that by creating a balance between my three beloved sports – Yoga, TaeBo, Cycling – that I created a more dynamic output without obsession, without ego, without fear of getting fat… and I do feel superhuman. In a very divine, very productive, very kind way.

And, because everyone ages on Earth, I like this advice from Mr. Miele, also contained in the article cited above.

He admits that his own teaching style has changed over the years “It has evolved with my life experience because I’m a little older,” he says. “After 20 years of this, it comes naturally. At first I was more strict. I believe you must be more strict in the beginning to understand what you are doing. Otherwise the mind is crazy. After some experience, you relax, of course.”

Following tonight’s explosion of an exercise session, I decided to snap one picture, for Instagram, because my new high-quality friend inspires me to stay true to my goals. Here is that picture, in all of its messy hair, sweaty body, completely physically exhausted yet ready for MORE  brain food glory:


And yes, Gwendolbirdie graced the picture with her presence, too. Because she is SuperDog. :)


What do you think about being superhuman?