Hold the phones! When I listened to the trailer for The Space Between Us, I thought, “How cute! An intergalactic You’ve Got Mail.” The plot: described as boy on Mars meets girl on Earth via internet. Love sparks. Boy risks health to travel to Earth to meet girl. Sprinkle drama. The end. Okay super cool. HOWEVER that is NOT WHAT HAPPENS WHATSOEVER.

It is SO MUCH MORE complex. And it is completely BRILLIANT, heart-warming, scientifically fabulous, and not-so-science-fiction, in my opinion, as I see intergalactic relationships happening in our future. It’s so funny that even as a child, I never interpreted “science fiction” as fiction (example Fahrenheit 451, example The Jetsons, example The Island). I rather interpreted science fiction as the divine scientific FUTURE. And, in recent years, I’ve fallen in love with Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and James Hiltons’s Lost Horizon (especially the epic 1937 film production of it), both of which are classified as science fiction yet I see them as reality.

One day there shall be life on Mars. In fact, the current administration is pushing hard for it to happen before the 2030 forecast. I LOVE SPACE EXPLORATION so damn much. I was so obsessed with Christa McAuliffe in grade school that I wrote nearly every essay and recited every speech that I could possibly do about that mission. Hey, I get addicted to things. And I only like what I like. Who the f*ck cared about FDR and Shakespeare when I could write about the civilian going to SPACE?!

ANYWAY, in the effort of sparing you any spoilers, I shall just say this: THE FILM IS ABOUT LOVE. But it’s not about teenage love. It’s not about anything Romeo and Juliet. And the stupid articles that have swarmed the internet giving it negative assessments? TOTALLY FAKE NEWS. If I did not live by the yogic limb of Satya, then I would go to each of those reviews and post my “YOU’RE A BIG DORK FOR THIS INTERPRETATION” comment. What is Satya? ”

Satya is truthfulness. One should always tell the truth in thought, word, and deed. The truth must be pleasant to others; an unpleasant truth should not be uttered. If one follows the truth in this manner, all one’s words will become true and all one’s desires will be fulfilled.” – Yoga Male, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

So, my friends!! If you’re into space, into “science fiction,” into love, into suspense, into watching gorgeous people and thin bodies, into health, into thought-provoking entertainment, then please see The Space Between Us today!!