I simply adore how Ashtanga yoga is like a mirror and historical record into one’s life! Facebook helped me to realise this, yet again, with these beautiful, snowy pictures from February 2010.





Oh my silly, silly girl!! This picture, on Yoga, also populated.


Yes, that’s me, Eka Pada Bakasana. One year into my practice. 6 February 2010. But here’s what got me. The caption? “This is how I play on snow days!!! :)” … and it’s very interesting to me because I remember exactly the reason why I showed for this class. It was not to beat the snow. It was not to practice yoga. It was because I wanted to impress the handsome man at yoga. Oh and he was a handsome man!! I spied him recently when driving through Sewickley, and I didn’t get that zing. History.

Fast forward six years, to last night. And we have the same pose.


Sure, the pose looks the same. Sure, my outfit is much more fab, hehe. And sure, my dog exists in this one!! But with both pictures, I can read my soul. It’s no longer a lost soul. It’s one who knows exactly what she’s doing with plans to accomplish everything that she wants. It’s very exciting. I am certain that with other activities of one’s choice, such as with marathon running, pictures can accomplish the same reading of the soul. Have you assessed your soul recently? If so, are you happy with its state? Please tell me.

Have a divine day, and namaste.