I dreamt that my heroic, handsome, brilliant Australian friend Peter came to see me, but the visitation site was not of my beautiful apartment, but rather of my childhood home, the lovely home of my parents. And my biological sisters were living there, too, just as though we were little girls again, but we were rather of our adult age. I was writing, in my bedroom, and Peter entered, and we did things that a lady cannot mention! I truly never have dreams of that nature! (except for of course last night). And it was magnificent. As I wanted everything badly.

Then it was dinner time, and Peter excused himself from the meal so that he could unpack. My biological family gathered for the meal, but I ran outside quickly to direct Peter about where to put his luggage. He had hired a servant who removed big barbells and free weights and an exercise mat from the airport limo!!!!! I exclaimed, “Wow!” (obviously thinking of the great cost to ship such items from Australia). He said, “I did not want to infringe on your fitness equipment.” I returned to the dinner table, and my mother said that there was to be no “activities” and that he was to sleep in the apartment on the ground floor.

I awoke.

I messaged Peter on the details of my dream.

I returned to slumber for another 2 hours.

In the second part of my dream, I was interviewed by Fox News ON MY BOOK!!!!!!!!! And Peter was jogging on the beach wearing a blue astronaut uniform, helmet included. Everyone, watching him. And a cruise ship appeared on the shore, opening its doors to a glamorous sparkly entertainment and transportation space. My mother approved of Peter’s running outfit.

Additionally, the beach running scene happened in black and white, except for Peter’s blue space uniform. He flaunted the perfect physique and form. There were 1960s-style people sitting on stone pillars, stacked in movie-theater style, watching the glamorous ship approaching of the shore. It was like something from an Ingmar Bergman film!!

And the dream filled my heart with happiness, adventure, inspiration, and joy.

Namaslay. :)