As I presented breakfast to Gwendolyn on the other day, I noticed a few significant items pertaining to the captured picture of her food. 1.) My legs look divinely thin. 2.) Her tiny paw looks OH SO SWEET. 3.) I am helping to reduce our carbon footprint (paw print?) by serving Gwendolyn’s raw meat, raw goat milk, and delicious pumpkin upon (donated) recycled newspaper. 4.) The Trump-Clinton thing was SO soon ago yet SO long ago. Look at these headlines: “Clinton makes last planned campaign stop in Pittsburgh.” The other: “Trump pledges to fix a country ‘going to hell.'”

Two diametrically opposed headlines for two diametrically opposed humans. And, our world, our future, is completely changed because of this campaign and associated election results.

They BOTH wanted to CHANGE something according to their individual VALUE systems. And I THINK that they have BOTH achieved SUCCESS in these VENTURES.

The Clinton article reads, “For what was almost assuredly her last campaign stop in Pittsburgh, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton came to Heinz Field on Friday. And she reached out to locals with almost everything except a promise to put a pound of chipped-chopped ham in every pot.” (so very Pittsburgh, thank you, Pittsburgh Post Gazette).

And, from the Trump article, “‘In four days, we are going to win the great state of Pennsylvania.’ Mr. Trump said, later adding: ‘Pennsylvania, you are so important!’ He even said he believes he will do well in the Democratic stronghold of Philadelphia.”

We know the results.

Although I think that Clinton is existing in a great deal of pain, right now, as are her supporters, some of my dearest of friends, I think that she fought hard and created a movement of her own, the results of which shall be known in the eight years plus to come. And, my friends who exist in pain, resulting from the Trump win, well, they’re doing something to channel their energies into something good. In response to the failure of electing Clinton (I know this language might sound harsh, but I am trying to make a point, so please stay with me), my great friends are doing very specific things. One girl has created a monthly pledge to PETA to use disposable income for helping of animals, something that she is certain that she can control. Another amazing dear friend is marching on Washington, on the day post inauguration. How fantastic. She is protesting like I imagine Jenny of Forest Gump would have done. I LOVED JENNY.

From these actions, from these ladies, from my friends, I shall capitalise on their great energy and accomplish something fabulous as well. Because of their personal struggles with regard to this election, with regard to failure, they shall work hard in the attempt to achieve great success in something, whatever that something might be. They have struggled. So hard. And they shall succeed. They shall achieve.

I think that without struggle, we cannot completely realise success when it is achieved.

How does this relate to the general subjects presented at this blog?

For one, I shall not, in this forum, write on my deeply personal thoughts on the election – you must please buy my upcoming book for that. But I shall tell you this: Last year, at this time, I wrote a blog post entitled, “Let Your Heart Be Light.” And it was SAD. There existed zero lightness.

My body was broken.

And I fixed it.

I worked all year to fix something that was broken. My body. Imagine the body being broken. The one tool that you can control is demolished. Existing in the gutter. Completely angry and sad. That was me. I struggled. I failed at Finding My Yoga because I used my yoga as strict calorie burner. Seventeen years as a disordered eater, 11 spent as bulimic, the ED badge was tattooed onto my sweater, like the A of Hester Prynne. Although it stuck to me, for so long, I never stopped fighting. And last year, in my fight, in my chaotic yoga practice, I hurt myself so badly that I couldn’t walk my Gwendolyn to the little grass patch without hopping on the good foot.

So I created a plan. A brand new plan. I bought a Peloton bike and used it for my cardio, permitting me to breathe in my yoga practice.

My #BecausePeloton is that it affords me the space to breathe in my yoga practice.

I used Peloton, patience, yoga, and hard work to achieve the body that I enjoy seeing. And I figured out how to eat healthfully in the process. Trump says that our country is broken and that he will fix it. He intends to use the office of the Presidency to accomplish this fixing according to his value system, just as I used my tools to fix my body according to my own.

I did it with sophistication. With vengeance. With a sophisticated vengeance.

Another thing that I fixed with a sophisticated vengeance. Nine years ago, I had no love in my life. It was dark. Lonely. Destructive. And then I became a mommy to Gwendolyn. Little did I know that not only would I create the most amazing nine years of my life, but in addition to earning the love of my puppy, I created a brand new world of love that I never imagined possible. Gwendolyn and I belong to a tribe of gloriousness. It is a system of discipline, grace, kindness, and hard work.

So what the hell is the point of my post?

It is this, and you can agree or disagree with me, as always, but this is according to Nicole Marie Story: the events of the past matter insomuch as being catalyst for finding your JOY. Elevate your head and fight like hell for your future. For the future that you WANT. This is what I have done, every day of my life, with a sophisticated vengeance, and, as a result, I am on the verge of concluding the writing of my first book. It is very exciting.

Happy ninth anniversary to my Gwendolyn!