Aside of indulging in deliciously gorgeous servings of piping-hot, dark-roasted black coffee and of sizzling, super-herb, french-vanilla-decorated dandelion root tea, I usually await the post noontime hour to nourish my temple of a body with food. But, on last Thursday, so ravenously hungry, my stomach ached for my first meal, around eight o’clock in the morning. Oh, it ached so!

Zooming into the grocery in my usual three minute shopping experience, I grabbed a jar of organic Polish pickles and peanut butter chocolate Kind bar, something that has been a recent habit for meal one, for nearly two months, and I placed the contents onto the checkout table, in front of the register worker.

The worker, a woman striking me as my polar opposite, is blatantly rude, loud, and obnoxious.

First, eyeing my food, she said, “Oh this looks like a treat.”

In my head, “No, lady with greasy skin and fat rolls, it is not a treat. It is a meal. This is why I look as I do. You should not comment on groceries. It’s so unsophisticated.” (mind you, I hate when I think like this, but sometimes a girl cannot be completely pure in her thoughts. It just happens).

She continued, “Are you pregnant?”

Stunned, for a second, I then burst into complete hysterical laughter. Sure, what she said should NEVER be asked to a woman unless that woman is wearing a sign reading, “I AM PREGNANT,” but I laughed anyway. A laughter of relief.

Four years ago, in 2013, exactly 2.5 years after ending my long-term love affair with Bulimia, I was still engaged in living chaotically with regard to eating. And I’ll never forget the day when a Sewickley housewife approached me, stating, “Congratulations.” Me: [confused face]. Woman: “On your pregnancy! You’re obviously pregnant.”

Pregnant I was not.

Just out of control and failing in the eating department.

SO this time around, completely confident in my skinny mini jeans and headband, I strutted from the store with my delicious pickles and peanut butter and snapped a selfie.

Yes I even drink the pickle juice completely.



I later told this pregnancy story to my friend Amanda who held her heart exclaiming, “I am so jealous. I am so jealous that you can respond without emotion. That you are so confident in who you are that opinions of others mean nothing to you, even on a former very sensitive subject.”

Oh yes. It is divine!!

When you work hard to be a certain way, and when you are self-aware and super confident and you TRULY LOVE your being unconditionally, you can have the most amazing day EVER. Even when asked if you are pregnant. ;)

As a new development, on Friday I had a ravenous, sudden, never-before craving for BEETS. And this was all that remained of my raw beet, mushroom, and onion covered-in-mustard concoction. Ha ha ha! The box was full at beginning, overstuffed even, but I could not manage a picture because my body wanted the nourishment too impatiently. Just thought I would share because maybe you have some thoughts on the Beet craving, and we all know that my discussion forum is what drives traffic to this blog.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for taking the time to understand the mind of an individual.

Thank you for being non discriminatory toward those who manage their eating and bodies like a business!!