This post is inspired my dad! He texted this picture of his lunch.

We both share a love for mustard!

So I hereby share pictures of my very specific salad, one that I crave once weekly. A jubilee of beets, alfalfa sprouts, onion, mushroom, and 3 baby tomatoes. Decorated with mustard. I call it My Mason Dixon Salad.

Let’s make the salad together! Start with a box and gorgeous bed of pickled beets.

Add raw mushroom on west.

Add alfalfa sprouts on north east.

Add raw onion on south east.

Add 3 baby tomatoes on Mason Dixon Line.

Add salt and chili pepper.

The nice man who dresses “like a girl” at the COOP calls this, “The cutest little mustard on Earth.” I must agree.

The mustard must be applied specifically, as food should not be just nourishment, but also art.

My first job was drive-thru girl at Wendy’s Old-Fashioned Hamburgers. I was the BEST at my job which included the creation of sandwiches. The ketchup was to be applied in the shape of a W. I loved that part of the job, as it was very specific, beautiful, and it made the Wendy’s sandwich special. I think that I was the only employee who performed that task. I think that I was the only employee who made a fast food work experience as elegant and beautiful. My sandwiches were always perfect. As are my salads of today.


What do you think of My Mason Dixon Salad?