I have a VERY interesting story for you today! With this blog post, I shall tell of how Gwendolyn’s name came to be, and of my imaginary friend!

Just this morning, chatting about random things with my sister Stephanie, I addressed her as “Stephanie.” She replied, “Okay, NICOLE.” (with an attitude and heavy emphasis on NICOLE). And we laughed because she’s probably addressed me as Nicole only a dozen times in our lives. And, I have addressed her as pet names, rarely as Stephanie. She is the only human permitted to address me as “Nikki.” This led her to announce, “We really do have names from the 1980s. It is rare that anyone is newly named as Nicole, as Stephanie, as (insert name of other sister here) anymore.”

She continued, “It’s so cool that you named me.”

I had completely forgotten! I HAD NAMED MY SISTER! Yes!

So this led us to discuss of how I named her.

For the year preceding Stephanie’s birth, I had an imaginary friend named Stephanie. My imaginary friend and I did everything together. LOL! And, on the day of Stephanie’s birth, I named the baby, and the imaginary friend disappeared. How did I think of Stephanie for the name of my imaginary friend and then sister? Likely something that I heard on Romper Room or Sesame Street.

Now, here is where it gets juicy.

In 1986, for maybe a few months, my father nicknamed Stephanie as “Gwendolyn.” I remember loving the name, and I swore to name my future child as Gwendolyn.

And I did.

I have the memory of a steel trap. I never forget, and I held onto my baby name, indeed!

I asked my sister today, “Where the heck did Daddy get the name of Gwendolyn?”

She replied, in her very humorous way, poking fun at my spiritual friend Becky, “He probably plucked the thoughts of the universe and knew that you would one day have a daughter and name her Gwendolyn.”

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Just as I sat to type this little story for you, my friend posted a book review, featuring her friend the librarian, talking about Crenshaw, a book about an imaginary friend. Thought I’d share it with you! It’s short and cute.

Here I am with Stephanie, not the imaginary one, a long time ago.

My style has always been very Chanel-like. Pearls and glamour country girl. Gosh I love my individuality. And my sister! And that I had an imaginary friend before her. My imagination: wild then! wild now! Namaslay.