Good morning! Bonjour! Bom dia! It has been quite some time! Ze blog has accepted backseat to more interesting things on my plate, and yes, we’re talking succulently delicious things like, Sweet Pepper Ravioli, better defined as, “zucchini pasta filled with cashew and red pepper cheese; topped with a sweet pepper and sundried tomato sauce.” Here is a picture of this delicious concoction by Eden, done takeaway style, at a garden party with dear friends of last week.


You will notice more to the above plate! Ravioli is presented train style toward the plate’s bottom. Also featured is Eden’s raw vegan cheese plate: “Cashew brie, smoked pecan asiago, and walnut cheddar served with assorted sliced vegetables, pumpkin seed crackers, mustard cream, and an apricot, date, and sage chutney.” And for the main course… Mushroom Heaven Bowl. Seriously, in heaven, there must be mushrooms!!


And martinis. Hehe.


I’ve been doing other things, too, like riding hard with my Peloton tribe, led by the amazing Jennifer Jacobs. JJ has helped me to accomplish the cardio that my body needs to please my brain’s aesthetic requirements of being small. I eat amazing things. And I treat my body well. No more freaking-out about becoming large when winter arrives due to snowy roads and zero bike rides… no more freaking-out about leaving my little girl to ride in the dark… no more worrying about flat tires and therefore being late to appointments… no more dealing with gym schedules and instructors with whom I don’t mesh… no more using my yoga as means of cardio!!!!!!!!! HOW DO I LOVE PELOTON? Let me count the ways!!!!!!!!

25 March v 8 July


And did I mention how much I love my Peloton tribe? SO much.

Here are more divine things that I’ve been eating…


That’s the mock egg salad from the COOP. Don’t worry. I’m still a freak and don’t mix food on the plate, if I can control it, and I almost always do. I rather combine it individually per bite. :)


Ah, and here’s one more food picture from this past weekend. Not a regular in my diet, but it was a brunch date with my dog and mom. Special occasions call for special meals! Cheesy Vegetable Wrap: “Flax and carrot wrap. Filled with shredded broccoli, carrot, spinach, tomato, avocado, and zucchini. Smothered in a raw vegan cheese sauce. Served with fresh fruit and a garden salad.” By Eden. I also enjoyed mushroom almond sausage. Needed protein!!


And for the yoga. It’s in a good place. I’m not obsessive, but I’m absolutely mechanical and controlled. The ankle is healthy, and I’m doing it right, this time. It’s only taken seven and a half years.







On 4 July, we celebrated six years of living without Bulimia after 11.5 years in the trenches. In the words of the great Ice Cube, “It was a good day.”

And finally, in other news, on Saturday, I got ANOTHER flat tire. Drove atop a NAIL. Called AAA (with frustration). Missed scheduled Peloton ride. Dealership had nothing in stock for a spare purchase, and I REQUIRE a spare because I am too busy and cannot risk being without!! So I called everywhere to find one and did. Another dealership. Even though I get free tires for life from my dealership, I would now need to PAY for one (angry Nicole). When AAA showed, he was like a GIFT. Strong. Smart. Kind. Hard working. Said to me, unsolicited, “I can repair this tire.” So after he changed my tire, he met me at the Auto Parts store, told me what to buy, and he FIXED it. For free. Out of the goodness of his heart.

“The mediator between head and hands must be the heart.” – Metropolis, 1927.

If you have not viewed the film, then you must. It is silent, glorious, and powerful.

Have a good day, and namaste!