OH MY GOD! Thank you for the amazing feedback on yesterday’s inaugural video of Yoga Sophisticate Television. I’m thrilled. Honoured. Jazzed! It’s my aggressive goal to complete 3 to 4 shows weekly, but intuition tells me that I’ll push hard to do more, maybe 5. Yesterday was such a fantastic day of hustle. I could not be more pleased with 2017!!!!!!!!!

And, for the second episode of Yoga Sophisticate Television, I hereby present to you: “Let It Go: how to forget about the past and to succeed!!”

Link: Let It Go: how to forget about the past and to succeed!!

In this episode, I discuss letting things go, focusing on the present, not blaming the past, and cutting one’s hair!! And, our little Guruji Gwendolyn graces us with her cameo, too, of course. He he he.

Thank you for watching! Please, subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like! Comment! And send off to anyone who might get value from watching my talks on overcoming addiction and loving your life and yoga! Namaste.