I’m not Mother Theresa. Despite my rant on being offended at my father’s criticism of another’s body as described in my last post, I do, when appropriate, create rational observations of bodies on display. And I recently called Alicia Silverstone fat. Well, chubby. Soft. Those were my exact words.

Mr. Bikram texted me, just before Thanksgiving, describing that he might go vegan because of Alicia Silverstone. I thought, “Omg, so fab. Amazing. Alicia does such fantastic work on being a voice for the animals!” I thought that Mr. Bikram had perhaps read her two divine books on compassionate living and on eating as plant-based, or perhaps he’d stumbled upon Alicia’s blog, the one to which I unsubscribed earlier this year after following for five years because it just didn’t align with how I eat and live, anymore. But then he sent me this:

Ha ha ha. It made me laugh. Of course a heterosexual man enjoys this image. In this brilliant PETA advertisement, Alicia honestly doesn’t look a bit older than she did in Clueless, filmed 17 years ago. It’s great. Obviously her plant-based diet has helped her to age gracefully.

But, this advertisement, although adorable, does not appeal to me sexually, as I think was the intention of PETA. Sex sells. But if I were to go for a girl, she would not resemble this. To me, this speaks laziness in the eating and exercising department. To me, this announces too much vegan butter. Too much of this. Too much of that. To me, this says that her body is harvesting some sort of disease from putting excess inside. To me, I see a soft rump and fearful face. I want a girl who looks like I do. Who behaves like I do. Who eats like I do.

Mind you, this “I want a girl” holds true if I were a girl-seeker, which I am not. I am simply a human on Earth. This picture was snapped one month ago. I am leaner now.

This whole ordeal with Mr. Bikram and discussing of Alicia’s body got me to thinking about how amazing Peloton is to me, in so many ways. The elite instructors who parade their bodies and fitness regimen for the world to see are like me… some say that’s crazy. But that’s me! They’re lean, mean, fighting machines! And it’s so nice to be surrounded and transported into a like-minded world, if for only 45 minutes per day.

How did Mr. Bikram reply to my comments on Alicia’s body?

He said, “If you think that that photo is of a chubby girl, you’re so far off your rocker that you might as well be under it and the rug it was on.”


I replied, “I love her though. I only recently stopped following her blog when it got so overwhelming about bear.”

I continued, “What I mean is that she eats liberally (I know from reading her blog and books) and it’s obvious in that she is not existing at the highest quality of health and firmness. She is soft.”

He replied, “‘Soft’ doesn’t mean unhealthy. Because you can do a handstand does not mean you will live longer. Quite frankly, that’s a metric of your blood pressure and your genes.”

Mr. Bikram is completely correct. We have chubby yoga teachers and “holistic health coaches” who frankly don’t know A from Z. But we also have skinny people who are just as Clueless, pun totally intended. But I hold to my argument that a lean body, fed with the highest quality minimal ingredients of the plant based nature stands the higher chance of being healthier than a softer machine processing ingredients galore.

The other factor in health is the happiness factor. Is what you’re eating making you happy? Is it fueling your happiness? My divine food is doing such.

I for real can’t stop smiling.

I’m pretty sure the same is true for Alicia.

We all have our different ways of thinking. That as described herein is simply mine.