Good evening! I had the great privilege of being featured at Mr. Mike Sylwester’s blog on Dirty Dancing. He wrote that my words on Ayn Rand “inspired [him] to write a new article, titled Reader Comments About ‘Robbie Gould’s Philosophy.’” He continued, “I also linked to your blog, much of which I read. You sure are an interesting and exuberant person.”

Wow! I quite appreciate being described as interesting and exuberant.

Long story short, I questioned his analysis of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead’s appearance in the film. I wrote, at my post, the one which prompted his,

Hi! I can hardly contain my excitement. On Monday, I discovered that Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead appears in Dirty Dancing! Baby appeals to Robbie for money to fund Penny’s abortion. Robbie is the father, yet he refuses to help, rather offering his copy of The Fountainhead to Baby, stating, with regard to pregnant Penny, “Some people count; some people don’t.”

AMAZING. Amazing that such a dirty twist can be made on such a wonderful book. I suppose the title of DIRTY Dancing is quite fitting, eh? Ha Ha Ha.

The writers of this film had the intention to paint Ayn Rand and The Fountainhead into poor lighting by associating its philosophy with the philosophy of “Robbie the Creep.” So let me please announce corrections: It is NOT the book’s mission to preach a philosophy of “Some people count; some people don’t.” It is rather the book’s mission to preach a philosophy of, “All people count. But nobody is entitled.” And that is where ROBBIE is wrong because he misses the point of the book: THAT OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. He is personally responsible for creation of the baby, and he therefore needs to fork over money to have it aborted, if he is unwilling to participate in the life of the child and or achieve some sort of agreement with the woman carrying the child.

I read a pretty good blog post on the subject which of course takes the other explanation, stating that Baby refuses the book that Robbie offered because she’s a woman in the 1960s who is aware of Ayn Rand’s philosophy and finds the book to be repulsive. See: Robbie Gould’s Philosophy. Furthermore, the article states that Robbie was carrying the book during his work shift because he intended to to give the book to Lisa, Baby’s sister, who refused his forceful advances on the night prior. In The Fountainhead, main character Howard Roark forces himself on Dominique Francon, and the writer of this blog post indicates that he’s trying to butter-up Lisa by getting her to read the sexually forceful scenes.

I think that is a bag of beans.

Furthermore, he was carrying the book, I think, not to gift to Lisa, but rather like I do Atlas Shrugged. Atlas Shrugged is like a bible to me. When I’m actively reading it, I carry it, and I write notes in the margins. And it’s tattered and ratty looking from much usage, similar to Robbie’s The Fountainhead.

There is no defying of the fact that Hollywood is trying to make a mockery of Ayn Rand in this great movie. But it doesn’t bother me, rather inspires me because I see just how damn successful Ms. Rand was in her messaging. SHE APPEARED IN MOTHER F*CKING DIRTY DANCING!! How exquisite!! This makes me so damn happy because Dirty Dancing is one of my faaaaaaaaavourite films on Planet Earth.

Please see Mr. Sylwester’s post for his beautiful reply.