Last night, having a manicure at Pearl, my friend and beauty expert Amanda asked about my Thanksgiving Day plans. She meant, how am I celebrating? I replied that my plan is to walk my dog, to write my book, to ride the Peloton, to practice yoga, to grow my yoga brand, to order dinner, to drink martini(s), to watch a movie, to eat dinner, and to sleep. To the average Joe, my described events are not ones of celebration. To me, however, they are quite celebratory. I am celebrating just as I do every other day of my life. Every single day is a celebration.


Amanda replied, “At least you won’t be tempted by all of that food. At least you won’t be eating bad things.” I answered, “I would not be tempted by, nor would I eat, bad things, regardless of the schedule of events.”

This brings me to the point of today’s post. The sensitivity regarding food at Thanksgiving. Traditionally, you’re damned if you do. You’re damned if you don’t. Meaning, if you eat the junk, your body will feel and look like junk. And, if you don’t eat the junk, the host is offended. I found this quite hilarious meme on the Jersey Italian’s Facebook Page last night:


It’s completely my sweet dear kind Italian grandmother’s way. Lasagna at every biological family event. Ha ha. And grandmother watches very closely on what her guests eat or do not eat. For me, for a long time, existing in those ED trenches, it was challenging. Even downright hard. I wasn’t rigid and structured as I am today despite having that goal, thus sometimes I ate the complicated foods, which led to eating truckloads afterward and spending the hour before midnight vomiting followed by ingesting 21 or so (or exactly) laxatives praying to a “God” in whom I then believed to have the pills etcetera rid from my body before the next morning’s nine o’clock yoga class. And, other times I did not eat more than lettuce and other raw vegetables, only to hear from my mother later that my grandmother considered me to have looked too thin and that I needed to eat meat. But it’s all good because food to so many people is LOVE. Food to my family is LOVE. They don’t know what the hell is going on with someone suffering from an eating disorder. It is only until that person with the eating disorder doesn’t care, it is only until that person with the eating disorder is healed, can things be peaceful.

By treating my body in the most raw manner, by treating animals in the most humane manner (although I do eat raw fish again – so I admit that I sound like a hypocrite – but there is no badge or certification for perfect. Perfect is what we make of it, for ourselves), we are living cleanly, peacefully, morally, and divinely.

Trust me, things super-irk me regarding food and other people. I keep these things to myself, but I shall list a few here. They include seeing fat people trudge along with their McDonalds bags and carbonated black water at lunchtime. They include recognising false advertisements. One deceptive advertisement that struck me recently was a  banner for Mcdonalds, something about there being “No Artificial Preservatives In Chicken McNuggets.” Is it just me, or should one assume that preservatives (especially at McDonalds) are artificial in the first place?

These thoughts led me to a month-long exposé of being hyper-sensitive to moronic things and comparing them to heroic things and to heroic human beings. I shan’t offer my list of heroic humans because my selections will likely offend 99 percent of the world. I shall rather show the pictures of what offended me:


In this first picture, “Slow-Roasted Ham” made me think of a pig receiving a slow death. “Holiday” describing “turkey” in “Holiday Turkey” with a beautiful red sign made me think that so many people will order this panini because it sounds festive when in reality they’re just ordering a Dead Carcass. At least when I am ordering raw fish, it is just that: raw fish. Not holiday jubilee fresh caught Atlantic salmon supreme with a festive red bow!

Here was today’s lunch. Usually I eat lunch on the go (nut bar, iced coffee, sometimes pickles), but today was exceptionally permitting of a sit down fare. Freaking amazing amazing amazing food. You’ll see 3 cloves of raw garlic. I started my raw garlic regimen last week when a sore throat and sniffles said hello. I am back to normal now.


Shopping for fresh, raw garlic. :)


Next picture. “Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon, Cheddar & Cage-Free Egg White.” Does one ordering this muffin truly care if the producing chicken frolicked in open space whilst undergoing injections of hormones to super-produce eggs for Starbucks?


The display does look pretty, though.


I imagine fat children ordering these pops. Poor children will develop health problems and feed the pocketbooks of medical mongers, physical and mental, before they’re graduated from elementary school.


I found this bag in the ghetto.


Made me feel sad for the cholesterol-laden body of the consumer. Made me feel angry at the polluter!! And, I found this box, too, a couple of yards ahead. “Wild-caught Alaskan Pollock responsibly sourced from…” I stopped reading as the words had me in disbelief. Who seriously ventures to McDonalds for a wild caught, responsibly-sourced Alaskan pollock?! Fried, no less. The advertising on this box should say, “Get your fried fish and reduced life expectancy here, please.”


And one more thing that bothered me recently!


Fresh. Local. Turkeys… EAT YOUR NEIGHBORS.


Now let us please return to HAPPY.


The mission of my post is twofold. 1.) To reach my eating disordered tribe. The former disordered. The current disordered. The future disordered. As President Barack Obama described President-Elect Donald Trump recently, “He is not ideological. He is pragmatic,” do just that for Thanksgiving if you feel any sense of guilt, stress, or requirement to behave against your value system (or eating system!). Do not be ideological. Do not hope for the best. Be strong and plan, work hard, and you will win. Well, you might have a bad day, but at least you tried rationally to manage throughout. And then one day, you’ll be like me, and nothing will matter except for your system, and the responses of others will not make you feel compelled to behave in manners that you dislike.

And, on the flip side, people LOVE to cook! People love to celebrate food. Don’t knock it. Colleen Patrick Goudreau the great vegan podcaster will likely disagree. But talking about things like I’ve mentioned above (the bad food at Starbucks, the fried fish at McDonalds), well that will only make people angry because it’s an extreme way of thinking. Just shut up and smile. Just like with politics. This brings me to the second point of my post: 2.) Keep politics away from the Thanksgiving table unless you’ve all voted for the same candidate.

And do some yoga!