Today I wondered if Dagny Taggart had a housekeeper. I could do so many better things with my time, when I am otherwise perfecting the apartment and folding the laundry! It actually quite annoys me because whilst doing these chores, I am thinking of the lost hours of production on my book.

Dagny and I live in similar circumstances – single girls, small apartment, very minimal. Yet the task of cleaning is quite big, as everything must be orderly, at all times. And if I HAD a housekeeper, would I actually trust this person to complete the task perfectly? I honestly don’t think so. I was discussing this fact with my mother, on the other day, and she said, “If I lived closer, I would clean for you, once weekly.” Isn’t that just about the sweetest thing that a mother could say? OMG.

If I win the Powerball, I will employ somebody to clean my small space, twice weekly. That’s about the only thing that will change with my lifestyle. OH! And I shall take a gorgeous yoga retreat to India with my ninja goddess sisters from Instagram! And buy Pelotons for everyone in my tribe! And take my sister’s children to Disney in Paris. GWENDOLYN MUST SECURE HER PUPPY PASSPORT ASAP. Ha ha ha!

Happy Saturday!

What will you do, if you win the Powerball?