Yesterday, at Instagram, I published a section of my blog post, My Perfect Boyfriend. It received the most tremendous of feedback which made my heart pirouette in circles all damn day long. I herewith share that feedback with you.

buddawithbeerthat was a nice reading. your blog post :)

cece.carsonLove YOU. Now. forever. ❤️🙅🏻

bessiesmith333Idk I prolly would…we have so much available to use today that wasn’t there before from abortions to plastic surgery to stem cell research and usage…I don’t really see a problem with taking advantage of our times😉

yogamendyAny choice that is about healing and being loving and kind towards your body is the right one 💙


leighemilyWhat an incredible share! Thank you for spreading your light❤️

elena_miss_yogaYou are both so marvellous ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ you brought tears to my eyes Nicole 💜 I feel you, I feel every single word you wrote 💜 I love you ❤️

gluyogaSuch an honest description of how brutal an eating disorder can be. 😳🙏

annebunnyogaAs a classic and non ficion reader since my childhood I cannot hide the excitement to put my hands on your book. Your post…It makes me think about things I never considered! A great part of my life I was so selfish thinking in my own pain (I am depressive) that I totally forgot the people around me. And believe me, when I looked around (outside of my little world) I had the chance to meet people like you that pours brightness to others people’s lives. You are a true warrior. A beautiful one. 💖

itsmimisstoryA woman’s smile is her most beautiful curve 💗🙏🏻

sirisyogaI can’t imagine what you’ve been through my dear friend – @annebunnyoga says it right – you’re a true warrior ❤

beelullaMy dear yogasis, it’s difficult for me to find the right words in Englisch, but I’ll try. Your picture is so full of joy and happiness. I’m so happy that you got out of this nighmare. You story really touches my heart 💞 and I can feel a little bit how you felt in the past. When I was young I was an outsider and didn’t love myself. It was a long journey to love myself and to accept who I am. It’s so hard to fight with the inner devils. And it’s so good to beat them. Tons of love to you and Gwendolyn! 💜💜💜

sirisyogaWe should!!! I love you my friend! I’ve been thinking of you since I read your post. We will meet and I want to hear your whole story – and I will read your book – you are a writer Nicole- it will be tough reading I know that , but still I can’t wait. I love you ❤️

annebunnyoga@nicole.marie333Perhaps @helen_garner_yoga could think in a special Warrior Ashtanga Sister’s special tank top? 🌷

sunilsurujpalLove u!!

beelulla@nicole.marie333 💜💜💜 Cannot wait for your book!!! 💜💜💜 Thank you for your love! 😘😘😘

sigikolbeSuch a radiating beauty

guadix.aWhat i want to highlight is the smile you always have painted at your face… following you since a short time i wouldn’t be able to imagine your story.. you shine so much!!! And it in courages all of us to continue… sorting obstacles, shades but knowing: there is a light at the end of our way. Your smile represents that to me! you for sharing this 😍🙏🏼 the ladies are right: you are a true warrior ❤️ when I look at your photos and saw your beautiful smile 😊😍😊 I can’t imagine that you were rude, dark, cold and ignorant. You look like a person with the sun ☀️ in your heart ❤️ which is smiling all the time! It must have been a real nightmare! And you are such a strong woman to get through it!!!! (Sorry for my bad English 😆 I hope you understand what I mean) 😘😘😘

helenehopyogaHow not to smile while discovering this explosion of joie de vivre?? I love you my Goodness! To Saturne and back and again! 🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️