I LOVE RAW FISH. As food. It’s the only animal product that I’ve eaten since 2010. I also fancy a cooked eel and octopus. Delicious! Yet despite my adoration of the wild-girl pesco-life, I became nutritionally vegan from Feb to Aug of last year (trigger culprit: The Deer Hunter), returning to la vida raw fish from Aug to Nov. But since Nov? Completely nutritionally vegan. Again.

Here was Tuesday’s lunch, fetched from the China Palace of Sewickley. Steamed veggies.

And seaweed.

Eaten with CHOPSTICKS!! Maybe Gwendolyn is Chinese? :)

In my former non-vegan-eating life, lunch would have been sushi and seaweed.

I can’t say that my recent four-month abstinence from fish is totally for the animals but rather because I know it’s the right thing to do. And it’s clean. Living without animals entering into my body is clean. Unless I can fully control something, I do not trust it, with regard to my health. How do I know what diseases my succulent raw juicy Atlantic salmon is carrying? I mean, would I have sex without a condom? Hell no. Think about that, next time you are eating meat!

Unless of course, it is CLEAN MEAT.

And now for the interesting part of this blog post!! Drum roll please!!

When I first announced a stint at veganism at my blog in 2011, a reader by the name of MG recommended that I explore the gorgeous Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s podcast entitled, “Food For Thought: The Joys and Benefits of Living Vegan.” And I liked it. Very much! I liked her stories. Her type-A personality. Her passion. Her enthusiasm. Her mission. Her hard work to accomplish that mission, that of being a voice for the animals. Although I initiated my 2011 dabbling in veganism due to body and diet goals, listening to Colleen has helped with making me a better human as I nowadays consider the rights of animals to life when celebrating my food choices in addition to the great healthfulness of the food itself.

I’ve listened to each episode in Colleen’s 11-year library, favourite episodes registering as her reading of Oscar Wilde’s “The Happy Prince” (15 April 2008), reading of Mark Twain’s “A Dog’s Tail” (30 June 2009), and recent series on Animals in Film (October 2015 – February 2016).


“Animalogy is a podcast about the animal-related words and expressions we use every day and how they reflect and affect our relationship with animals.”Animalogy is changing the way we talk — and think — about animals.” – Colleen’s Divine Website.

On this new podcast, in the episode called, “The Semantics of Meat,” she interviews Paul Shapiro, 23-year vegan and VP of Policy at The Humane Society of the United States. It’s a superb episode, and I learnt OH SO MUCH. First off, they discuss fake meats. Or rather the advertising of plant-based meats with language of “fake, faux, mock,” etcetera

And it’s interesting because just last week, as I began eating my “mock egg salad” I thought of how delicious is the concoction, and perhaps more humans would buy the heaven-in-my-mouth creation if it were advertised as being REAL. Call it tofu scrambler. Call it tofu concoction. Call it tofu celebration! Call it something real, and sales will skyrocket. I think that we’re evolved enough to know that tofu will never be eggs, and eggs will never be tofu. A will never be B. A is A. Sure, providing people with an association is good, as Colleen mentions in this podcast episode; example, we know chicken nuggets as little crunchy hearty things, so “plant-based chicken nuggets” might be something that you see on a bag of plant meat by Gardein, but I think that faux anything is like eating a lie.

And this stuff is FO REAL. (said in 1990s rap style – today is the 20th anniversary of Biggie’s death, RIP).

But for the MEAT and potatoes of my summary of this divine Animalogy episode (meat said so facetiously, hehe, I guess there is more than just animal meat and plant meat… there is also WORD MEAT!!)… I shall tell you about CLEAN MEAT. Paul Shapiro is writing a book on the new amazing industry of CELLULAR AGRICULTURE whereby animal meat is being created in the laboratory using a single cell from an animal, and sometimes not from an animal whatsoever, but rather lab-created. The cell is synthesized into protein creating the same thing that you’d otherwise get by slaughtering and or harming the animal. WOW.

I told Becky this, and she was astounded! Her first reaction: “Oh my God, I’m gonna have a HAMBURGER!!!!!!!!!” HA HA HA! It’s sooo funny because this new industry might bring animal-rights-vegans out of the woodwork and onto the hamburger bandwagon (like Becky). But for those of us like me who genuinely hate the taste of meat (except for fish), it will just be a big fat win for the animals. And for heavy burden of healthcare in general because people won’t be getting sick from the sickness carried by their animal conquests as these lab animal meats will be sickness-free. How freaking cool is that!!

God, I can’t wait to have a salmon, tuna, eel, octopus again!!!!!!!!! Just writing about the deliciousness makes me hungry for it.

Paul’s book is released in the autumn of this year. I also can’t wait to get my hands on that.

It was Colleen’s birthday yesterday – as a pressie to her, I am writing this post and writing a podcast review on iTunes. Do please subscribe to both of her podcasts.

Namaste! And peace for the animals!