My favourite word on Earth is perfect. And, everything in my world is perfect, at this exact point in time. Perfect. I am bursting with gratitude for perfection.

Tonight I struggled through a very fine Peloton ride, tired body, tired brain (boo hoo), but I accomplished a respectable output despite this tired factor. Peloton rides, as silly as it sounds, are warm-up to my yoga sessions, permitting me to REALLY give my all to the Ashtanga practice in its wisest, safest, most passionate form. But, as I stepped to the top of my yoga mat, planning only 30 minutes of the half primary series, I felt a headache. Mind you, I experience three to five headaches annually, usually medicating with the beautiful blue water capsules of Alieve. Why do I choose this drug? In this form? Say, opposed to Tylenol which I assume is the general go-to? Not sure. I just think the pills are pretty. And they always work. But not having had a headache since August, I had no medication on hand. Thus I decided to experiment.

I would medicate with breath.

At around Marichyasana A, my headache was gone. At the shoulder stand sequence, rolling my vertebrae onto the mat, one at a time, deeply massaging each bump into the ground felt like the most glorious massage on Earth, kind of like the cherry to the breath remedy of the headache. And now I am glowing. This is a mystery.

The second mystery that I want to mention is my HAIR. I posted this to Facebook on the other day:

“I am very fascinated!! Recently, I cut my hair to a very dramatic pixie as in there’s nothing more to cut without becoming bald! And every other day? It is wild again! It grows like a chia pet!!!!! 😂 This leads me to wonder about the creation of and evolution of HEAD HAIR. Why do we the humans have this DNA to grow hair dramatically on our heads, as opposed to say, our knee? When did this happen in time? Why do dogs grow hair evenly and consistently everywhere? Is this phenomenon in response to fashion and climate? Humans typically expose their heads thus hair decided to grow in that location? And dogs are traditionally unclothed in the wild? Because nowadays dogs typically wear fashionable coats (ahem Gwendolbirdie), will they one day evolve to resemble humans with hair growing predominantly on their heads? What do you think other than I’m nuts to ponder such items? Hehe namaste. 💋.” 

Update: Someone told me to “leave [MY] hair alone for a while.” So I did what any by-my-own-rules-kind-of-girl would do: I cut it all off!!!!!!!!! 🤣 It’s now down to the scalp, and it looks amazing, especially adorned with a very cute headband. 😍 

Lastly, I want to comment on Mary Tyler Moore and her passing. I have ALWAYS felt a connection with her. Yet I had no idea of why. This posed a mystery. Was it the dancing thing? The skinny thing? The exuberance thing? The strong girl thing? The opinionated girl thing? Nope. The mystery is herby solved. It is the addictive personality thing. I had no idea of her suffering from alcoholism until the recent sad passing of the great actress. Now I understand the connection. I am drawn to those with addictive personalities. Recently, and we’re talking perhaps just a moth ago, I stumbled upon Ordinary People starring the late Ms. Moore. It is truly one of the most fantastic films on Earth. The character that she portrays is perfect, but not in the sense of my seeking. She is so perfect that she is fake. A stepford wife who is so great at her craft that she fails at living. It is a haunting, chilling performance. You simply must see it. I shall view it again, this weekend, with my sweet baby girl.

I wrote this on Facebook, on the day of her passing, “MTM… in celebration of her life, of her art, of her bravery to combat alcoholism, of her advocacy on diabetes, I shall view Ordinary People this weekend. One of the most fantastic films on Earth!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Things evolve. And I am a constant girl in motion of evolution. God, Charles Darwin you were a genius!! Survival of the fittest. I feel very fit, at this point in time, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Namaste.

Do you feel perfect?