“Meanwhile the sun was warm; hunger and thirst had been appeased, if not satisfied; and the air, clean as from another planet, was more precious with every intake. One had to breathe consciously and deliberately, which, though disconcerting at first, induced after a time an almost ecstatic tranquility of mind. The whole body moved in a single rhythm of breathing, walking, and thinking, the lungs, no longer discrete and automatic, were disciplined to harmony with mind and limb.”

This excerpt from James Hilton’s masterpiece, Lost Horizon, perfectly coins the manner in which I am, right now. My mind is calm; an open field, blanketed with freshly fallen snow. It is quiet and still yet sparkling for adventure. Lost Horizon depicts a Utopian society where one lives minimally, productively, healthfully, and kindly. I find it interesting that my life, as it is now, could fit into that model of Shangri-La. Others do exist like me, if even in a book.

If you have not read this book about living on Earth, then you must. Also, I recommend the film version, produced in 1937, directed by the great Frank Capra, starring Ronald Colman and Jane Wyatt.

Because I have learnt the art of breath control in Ashtanga yoga, as the quotation above reads, my body, on the mat, and off of the mat, moves “in a single rhythm of breathing, walking, and thinking.” Below is a video depicting my control.

Thank you for reading. :)

And, do read the book, and or see the film: Lost Horizon.