I am so very pleased, honoured, and happy to model the gorgeous “Be The Tree” tank by my friend, yogini, and fashion designer Helen Garner for her dazzling Yoga Everywear collection. High-quality material, super-cute statement, and performance AH-MAZING.

Straight from Africa, from the creative brain, heart, and hands of my friend, this divine tank outfitted my Ashtanga vinyasa yoga practice AND sweaty Peloton ride. Results? It wicked the sweat like nothing else that I own whilst keeping everything tucked inside!!

I am wearing size S. It is cinched at the back with a ponytail to hide the extra material around the waist (which I love and desire for everyday wear – girl’s gotta breathe!!). And the analogy to a tree!! OOOOOH. Trees: rooted and flexible. Like a yoga practitioner! :)  LOVE so so so much. 

Oh! And guess what! On the next day, I just so-happened to be wearing Helen’s Get Bent tank, from the same collection. A perfect uniform for perfect news.


Yes, it was a mast cell tumor. And yes, the brilliant Doctor Schroth achieved good margins. The bump featured a low mitotic index, and there is no question in the pathologist’s mind about whether or not the cancer is gone. IT IS GONE. Additional special super love and thanks to Dr. Berger, technician Amanda Dumas (she offered love love love love love to my girl), Nate, Don, Annie, Jordan, and Andrea. Thank you, Pointe Breeze Veterinary Clinic. I love you so.

And, so I celebrated good news with good, green juice, toasting all of you lovely humans and dogs who despatched good vibes into Gwendolbirdie’s direction. The Grasshopper!! Kale, celery, parsley, cucumber, apple, lemon ginger. Thank you for my toasting nutrition, East End Food Coop!! Wearing of course, my Get Bent tank by Yoga Everywear, a Helen Garner collection.

And SHE celebrated, too, of course, with her own version of green juice. PUPPUCCINO!! :D

And then we celebrated together.

Cheers and namaste… get your green juice at the COOP! Dog examined at Point Breeze! And tank tops by HELEN GARNER. You will be very happy.