I had a divine discussion on food with my friend Peter. Subjects covered: veganism, cheese addiction, cellular agriculture, biblical births, mermaids, cowspiracy, and beans! I am sharing this discussion with you, dear readers, because I know that you enjoy learning about my thoughts and behaviors regarding food. Namaste!

Peter shared this picture, from the Cowspiracy Facebook Page.

Me: I have a question. You have mentioned recently that you’ve been avoiding cheese. Do you mean cheese made from nuts? Or do you mean cheese made from cow secretions? I had assumed that you did not eat cow secretions whatsoever based on your passion for Cowspiracy. But now I am questioning this based on your recent comments. ALSO, when and why did this passion for Cowspiracy start? It is important enough for you to mention in your profiles, so I am very curious. . I admire it. I have not consumed secretions from a cow since 2010. Seven years of being sick-free.

Peter: These are great questions. It is cheese made from animal milk that is the issue. I never think about cows milk or yogurt. I drink black coffee and tea and use soy or almond and coconut ‘milk’ on cereal.

And following the recent discussion on IG, I actually bought my first vegan cheese slices yesterday. I am not a big fan of tofu, vegan fake ‘meat’ products, they make me feel ill. But this cheese does look good, based on coconut oil, I have not been game to try it yet.

I happened to see something about Cowspiracy when I first started to seriously be vegan about 3-4 years ago. I actually pre-purchased a copy of the film before it was released. They still follow me on Twitter which is cool. Cowspiracy is about the devastation that animal ‘food’ products cause to our health, but also about the maths of the destruction that animal agriculture (and commercial fishing) causes to the planet.

So after watching, I became more dedicated and serious about it. I have also watched Earthlings, Samsara, Blackfish, Plastic Paradise. All are great, and have a similar theme.

The new film What The Health is specifically about the damage animal ‘food’ products cause to our health eg cancer, diabetes. It is very good. It is essential viewing. Not so much for you. This film explains that the reason people eat cheese is that it causes endorphins to be released in the brain and creates a kind of euphoria, similar to the effect of heroin. People are addicted to eating cheese. So it is the hardest animal ‘food’ product to give up…

So even if we are not perfect, we can strive to be vegan. As you said, why be sick? Why purposely do something that will make you look sick, and cause cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc.

Me: Yes, this does not apply to me because my eating is perfect. I thank you so much for this reply! What do you think of cellular agriculture and the future of “clean meat”? I am intrigued as I shall very much enjoy eating a lab-created disease-free raw salmon, eel, or octopus, aka the 3 animals things that I do miss (but enjoy “mock tuna salad” when the craving strikes me).

Peter: Hi. Yes I have seen info about the ‘clean meat’ idea. Personally, I do not understand why anyone would want to eat this stuff. I look at food mainly as fuel, and I cannot see the point of eating this stuff when a can of baked beans would be so much cleaner and more efficient as an energy source. What is mock tuna salad? – is it basically chick peas and vegan ‘mayonaisse.

Peter: I love chick peas. I must look for this in supermarket as well.

Me: I shall get the exact ingredients of the mock tuna salad for you on the weekend when I buy it!! I am convinced that my addiction to the taste of raw fish is because my mother had a fish dinner on the night before my birth. They celebrated early for valentine’s day, knowing that she’d be in the hospital, and a fish dinner it was!! 😂 otherwise, no meat since 1999. No dairy and eggs since 2010. No fish feb 2016 – aug 2016. I ate raw fish from aug 2016 – nov 2016. Completely vegan since nov 2016. But i call myself an independent eater because I shall not be restricted by a label. Kind of like how I am independent, not republican or democrat. Here is a picture of the mock tuna from my bloggie 14 march 2017.

Peter: The night of your birth sounds biblical. What an event? You may be part mermaid? That would also explain your addiction to raw fish. I am not perfect. I do avoid dairy because the thought of it makes me feel quite ill. I go close to being vegan. I tried to Google what mock tuna is and the best I could do was chick peas and vegan ‘mayonnaise’. This pic does look great. Amazing in fact. I note the Mason-Dixon Line mustard addition.

Me: Peter do you see the “N” and “G” inscribed? :) Would you call me a narcissist? Ha ha ha! Your comment is the best ever. I think that 9 February 1982 and 2 February 1905 were both biblical.

And I am awaiting his next comment!

This is a divine discussion on food.